What is Holistic Nutrition?

When our body is deficient in certain nutrients or if major organs have become overloaded with toxins we consume in our food or breathe in from the air around us, symptoms begin to appear. These symptoms are our body’s language…our body’s way of telling us that balance needs to be restored. The holistic approach to nutrition looks at these symptoms in order to determine the underlying cause. It is then the cause of the symptoms that we work to correct, not the symptoms themselves.

Our body works at its utmost potential when all aspects are in physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Since no two people have the same body chemistry, the approach to each individual is always unique. What is lacking in one person may not be lacking in another. Studying the individual themselves and their symptoms instead of prescribing standard dietary recommendations leads to a more thorough evaluation and precise nutritional approach to help obtain optimum physical and psychological health.

Holistic nutrition focuses on consumption of natural, wholesome foods and the elimination of toxins from our bodies. Deficiencies should be addressed through dietary sources, supplementation and other positive lifestyle changes.